ইংরেজি ইংরেজি এইচ.এস.সি এস.এস.সি


March is a very important month in our national history. It is in this month when our Liberation War started. It is this month when our great leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman delivered his historic speech and people being influenced by his speech and responding to his call for liberating the country from the then Pakistani occupation forces, lakhs of people took arms in hand and fell upon the Pakistani army. It is called fiery March. After our victory in the election of 1970, the Pakistani rulers were procrastinating to hand over ruling power to our Bengali leaders. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman aked people to carry on strike for an indefinite period. People’s movement to achieve independence got strong and violent in this month. They were out for and bent on achieving independence. On the other hand, the Pakistani army was killing the Bengali people cruelly and resorting to various excuses. Their merciless killing enraged Bangabandhu and the Bengali people. The more the atrocity of Pakistani army increased, .the more the Bengali people grew violent to fight against the Pakistani army. At one point in the process of the movement Bangabandhu was fully prepared to declare the Liberation War. As such on 7 March, he delivered a fiery speech in the Race Course Ground (at present Suhrawardy Uddyan), before lakhs of the Bengali people who got enraged to fight against the Pakistani army for liberating the country. In his historic speech Bangabandhu declared that the struggle of this time is for emancipation! The struggle of this time is for independence. In the meantime the Pakistani rulers were internally taking preparation to stop our movement of liberation by killing the Bengali people and were externally carrying on discussion with Bangabandhu and other leaders.


According to their plan, the Pakistani army attacked the sleeping Bengali people in the midnight of 25 March. Bangabandhu decisively declared independence before his being arrested by the Pakistani army. The Pakistani army started killing people mercilessly in the name of ‘operation searchlight’. On that night the Bengali. police, army and common people stood against the Pakistani army to defend the Bengali people. And thus the Liberation War started and grew violent. People from all walks of life participated in the Liberation War and eventually after a nine-month long war the Bengali Muktibahini became victorious over the Pakistani army and thus snatched away the red sun of independence. Moreover, this month is noted for the birth of Bangabandhu without whose birth the independence of Bangladesh could hardly be imagined. Thus, March is a great month for our nation.


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