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Bangladesh has its own culture and heritage. It has its traditional values and beliefs. Most of them are good for a healthy society. So we should protect our Bangladeshi culture at all costs. The people of Bangladesh are plain and simple in their way of living and peaceful by nature. Life is hard for most Bangladeshis but everyone here has the pluck to face the challenges of life with determination. We are not fatalistic as many in the west tend to suppose. Bangladeshis are deeply religious, but at the same time ours is a tolerant society. Hospitality is a part of our culture. Xenophobia is unknown to the people here. Bangladesh is a country of natpral calamities, occasional famines and some endemic diseases. In the face of all these adversities, Bangladeshis demonstrate a degree of resilience that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. The majority of the people of Bangladesh attach greater values to the qualities of heart. There is fellow-feeling. The elderly people in our society are still held in high esteem.


However, our acquaintance with western culture has made our society conscious of the importance of scientific and technological knowledge. So, we try to strike a balance between material and spiritual well-being… In fine, the distin’ctive features of Bangladeshi culture include living in joint family, caring old, ailing parents, respecting the seniors, teachers and the elderly people in the society, observing the new year’s day, embracing one another on the occasion of religious festivals. The overwhelming majority of the working population are employed in agriculture. They are sociable, very loyal ‘to family ties and respectful of their elders. Since the majority of the population live in villages, Bangladeshi society is dominated by a humble rural culture.

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